Friday, April 19, 2013

The emergence of a building

Next on the list for construction was a house book box. 

This is to contain images/ books that I haven't made yet, getting there! Just seem to be slow at the moment.  

It is representing Avignon in Provence and the books to go in it will be about the area surrounding Avignon. 

I have made the house using box card, and covered it with paper dyed with tea and caustic soda, then layered with dried teabags and painted. 

Each window will contain a book and the spaces for these are lined with maps and brochure pages from Avignon.

 It has taken me in excess of 12 hours just to construct this.

Anyway, I must go as I now have the books to create!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Workshop Fun in Ballarat

Ballarat Embroiderers Guild hold an Autumn Leaves Seminar each year and this year I was invited to teach a class called Fabric Collage and Design.

The 6 students enjoyed dyeing silk, creating several print blocks and different surfaces on their paper and fabric before putting it all together to create a collaged piece.

All in 2 days!

I will give you a peek at the kind of work they did.

First some photos of the luscious silk dyed using Instant Dyes from Beautiful Silks, these silks are THE BEST dyes. I love them and have been using them for some years now. They are literally Instant! You either put the silk into the dye bath and take it out or you brush it on and then it is done! Quick rinse - barely any dye washes out and dry. Very colour fast.

The class started with looking at cooking utensils as I gave a general theme of Preparing a Feast - from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The students used the items to draw from to create print blocks, then did rubbings on various things like the egg lifter, sieve, lace doilies. layer upon layer using paper and fabric they went on to produce these works seen below.  


Dianne S