Friday, November 9, 2012

Big Bargain Sale!!!!!!!!

Sale of Stash...... Begins at 10 am tomorrow!! It will be in the shop Opendrawer - near the corner of Summerhill Rd and Toorak Rd Hartwell 
I have been busy cleaning out and reducing my big collection of beads, embroidery ribbons and wool,  fabric, thread, lace and other assorted an collected materials. I will also have some freebies too- anything to get rid of the pile- mention you read this blog and I will have a gift for you!!
See you tomorrow!?



more fabric

 beautiful cotton thread and fine crochet needles

and this is what my studio looks like now.... more cleaning up to be done!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sale of Stash

 The time has come, I need to clean out my studio.

Opendrawer is having a Recycle your stash Market next Saturday November 10 at 1158 Toorak Rd Camberwell ( Hartwell shops) between 10am and 4pm. 

I am selling various materials, such as embroidery wool - beautiful range all very cheap, fabric, small fabric pieces, beads, lace, the list goes on. 

It depends on how much I manage to prise away from myself..... oh maybe I will need that one day...... 

There will be heaps of others who are doing the same thing.. (I will have to be strong and not get rid of my pile to add to it with someone else's pile)

If you want to stock up in an economical way ( and help me and other fabric tragics out) then pop on down to Hartwell next Saturday between 10am and 4 pm You never know what you will find... you could even just come to say Hi!

Here's a couple of pics just to tempt you

 beautiful embroidery/tapestry wool in colour bags of course!!

 fabric- kids, upholstery, cotton

 glitzy bits - small and larger pieces

                     and of course there will be much more!!
                                 Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Printing without a press workshop

So you have always wanted to learn how to make prints?
 If you would like to do a workshop with me learning  easy printmaking techniques, there is a class scheduled to run at Opendrawer a lovely shop in Hartwell (near Camberwell, Victoria ) next week, Friday 9 November. For details check out the website.
What a great way to spend a day, relaxed and fun printmaking, you could even get a few Christmas gifts or cards done. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Jacob's Ladder book for Jacob.

Recently my son Jacob turned 21.
I have started a tradition of making a book for my children's 21st. Naturally, Jacob's would be in the form of a Jacob's ladder.
It works for him for at least 2 reasons. This book is one that moves on its own and Jacob has always been a mover, from when he was little to now- he is a triathlete,  and of course the obvious one is its name.

 I have uploaded a video of the book on youtube, for some reason I can't get it to upload onto this blog but if you want to see it in action click here

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Books on display

Some of my little travel books are having an outing, along with some of my other books about travel. They are residing in the window shelves of a lovely little bookshop in Kensington called Wayward Books. 
This gorgeous shop is a treasure trove of new and secondhand books, lovingly cared for by Judy.
If you happen to be over there, take a peak through the window!

Wayward Books
Belair st, Kensington

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beautiful Soup Exhibition

If you are in Melbourne from October 10 until 4 November, make your way down to St Heliers St Gallery, Abbotsford Convent in Abbotsford to see an exhibition I am in along with 55 other printmakers.

The opening is a free event and is on Sunday October 14 from 2- 4pm. I would love to see you.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Printing Fun

Final day of workshop fun in Roxby Downs. Image making exercises followed by print block cutting then a frenzy of printing began.
Participants produced heaps of fantastic prints on fabric and paper. The closer it came to the end of the day the faster some worked!

Well ,what a fabulous time I have had here, great hospitality provided by Rachel and her family, good laughs, great chats, amazing landscape, great community. 
Farewell Roxby- hopefully be back one day soonish!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adults have a turn to Play

After a lovely dinner and talk/ slide show of my art to some of the lovely people of Roxby Downs, today was the first of 2 days of adult workshops.

The participants today had a great day colouring  fabric and paper.  They rusted paper and fabric with the rusting baths of tannin, caustic soda and ferrous sulphate, then we dyed cotton with procion dyes and finally dyed silk with instant dyes.  That was only the morning! 

Rachel, my host, took me for a little drive to see the nearby town of Andamooka. Big difference between the 2 towns

then a magnificent sunset to finish the day

full moon rising

Friday, September 28, 2012

Amazing work by kids

Heaps of art was created today with fabulous printing done by all participating children.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Children's Workshops

What a great day we all had today with 2 different groups of children colouring fabric and creating print blocks.
Fabric was dyed beautiful colours and calico bags transformed with pastel rubbings and over painted with fabric paint.

Print blocks from soft cut, compressed sponge rubber and polystyrene were created, with some being printed on paper today. 

It was a mere 37 degrees C today with a north wind blowing, so naturally the fabric dried very quickly and I certainly didn't need a jumper!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teaching in the Desert

Today I flew up to Roxby Downs in South Australia. It is a copper ( and uranium ) mining town not far from Lake Eyre,  surrounded by red desert. Having driven up this way a couple of time previously it was fabulous to fly in this time, to see the lines of the dunes and dry water courses from the air.

I am up here to run a series of workshops for both adults and children.  We will be dyeing cotton and silk as well as creating print blocks to over print the fabric.  So all is set up ready to go in the morning.

Fokker 50 to Olympic Dam

Baggage Collection