Monday, April 28, 2014

The countdown begins..

The final week... all work made and ready to hang, documentation done, invites out, displays sorted, bills paid. I'm nearly there. Just need to clean the studio and make a bed for my lovely friend Rachel Young who is arriving with her beautiful jewellery, sculpture and enamelware from the desert of South Australia.


it is up to you, your friends, my friends and anyone else's friends and family to put it in the diary and pop on down to Quadrant Gallery some time in the next month. Opening night May 8, 6-8 pm and Artist talk May 17, 12pm. for all other opening times check out the website
Hope to see you there and meet some new friends!!

All stacked up and ready to go!!

Specimen book

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy Week

It has been a busy week in the studio this past week. I have been turning out the work fast- nothing like a deadline to speed me up.
In between finishing works of art I have had the work photographed, visited the framer (to part with my life savings in order to have amazing frames put around the work - it certainly makes a difference), picked up the hardcopy invites and now it is back to the studio to complete the final series - Tuscany, and I am done..... I think.

Here's a few details of works- don't want to give away all the images before the show!

Berber Doorways - detail

Outside the Riad - detail

Paris Carousel- detail

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Woohoo, business cards and postcards arrived!

It's hotting up here in the studio, business cards and postcards arrived, another 2 pieces sent off to the photographer and another on the way.

On holidays from one job, ramping it up on the other job. It's a busy week here in Sal's Studio.

Time is running out, so I am on speedy street, stream of consciousness art pouring out of my fingers. Hope they don't get burnt!!

Count down is on,  only 1 month to the opening.......... Argh........

Here's a peek at the latest and the new cards!
detail of Roma 

business cards and postcards