Sunday, August 4, 2013

Black and White

Black and white is not even normally in my spectrum, I am a colour girl!!

So for me to accept the challenge of working in black and white is progress of sorts.

The reason for this madness??? well, travelling to Switzerland in early spring is the motivation. There was still heaps of snow and the magnificence of those snowy alps just drew me in.

I have been working steadily on various experiments in order to depict the beauty and awe I felt when in the alps.

I will give you a peep at the experiments. These involve wood engravings on slices of fruit tree wood, printed in white on a black background.

printed on paper

wood engraving, printed on black silk 

                                                   lines in the snow

                                                        paintings for idea making

                                                    birds, painted and stitched on silk

                                                 snow covered village from above, painted and stitched on silk

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