Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting ready for a journey

My art work has taken a back seat lately as I am busy preparing to leave Australia for 3 months!! Yes 3 Months in europe and Morocco!! I am so excited as the last time I was there was when I was 17,  32 years ago when I went to Germany on a scholarship.  My husband and I are travelling through, England, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Morocco, and Germany.
I have been researching the places I need to see- so many I won't be able to fit them in!
Thankfully I have many well travelled friends who have given me ideas on various places to go.
Barcelona is on the list as is Florence, London, Paris, Venice, Avignon, Berlin, Dubrovnik.... so many beautiful places.
Now to figure out my personal art challenge for the journey.
What will I capture, document, collect??
 I am a collage artist after all.

My work is about journeys, so maps will be on the  list.
Have you got any suggestions?

Let me know if you do.

Here's a photo of a piece I made for a friend Zac's 21st. -Something I whipped up a little while ago. ( as I haven't anything very new) He is a film making student, musician, funny guy.


  1. good stuff lovely know i have an AWESOMELYFANTASTAGORICAL place for you to stay at just out of Florence....

  2. What a fantastic trip. You know all you need is a pen, glue stick, water brush and small cheap paints, scissors, a small note book and collect lots and lots of paper stuff, try to have time to record something everyday. I did on the last trip but it did mean doing it at odd hours of the day. Lots of photos,buy another note book while you are there, suggest no larger than 5x7 or a little larger but not huge.Manage it all into something like a back pack and a plastic bag.
    Sounds fantastic.

  3. thanks for your ideas Penny and Adriana, will start getting the kit together!!