Saturday, March 3, 2012

My favourite Bookshop!

My own artwork is in a holding pattern at the moment as all I seem to be doing lately is working or browsing the internet looking for accommodation.  I thought I would share with you some of my favourite shops and websites.
First of all, my all time favourite bookshop in Melbourne is Artisan Books. The owner Daniel has a fabulous range of books and will save magazines you want to get for you in his cupboard, even long after you have forgotten to collect them. Phoning you to remind you that it is still there! As you may have guessed it is a common problem I have.
 I love to go for a browse when I pick up my Surface Design magazine.
Artisan books also hold Book Arts and Beanie exhibitions each year and support the textile artist community by supplying them with an amazing range of books.  If you are in Melbourne it is a must visit!! The beautiful Gertrude St, Fitzroy has many gorgeous shops and cafes and nearby Smith and Brunswick St are full of fabulous arty shops and galleries. My favourite Melbourne places!!

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