Friday, May 4, 2012

Book 4 Barcelona

Barcelona is the home of Gaudi and his amazing architecture.
 His work is an inspiration to me as I love the way the natural world influences his designs creating very organic shapes and patterns. I also love his use of colour in everything from houses to park designs.
 Mosaics feature in almost all of his work and this allows colour and pattern to be a major aspect of the built environment.
What a thrill it has been to see his work in person, it is even better than in the photos I have poured over for years.
Of course I feel that anything I make pales into insignificance after that but still I will soldier on.
Book 4 tries to capture the busy narrow streets of Barcelona mixed with the formality of some of the street plantings.
I made much of it while travelling to Valencia on the train, I had gesso-ed the map of Barcelona before leaving and cut and drew on the train ( i did leave a little mess under my seat of small cut up bits of paper)

 art on the train

                                                       Finished little pamphlet stitch book

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