Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Preparation for art time

The time has come to stop procrastinating and start work. My garden is nearly all weeded and dug over so I really need to knuckle down to some art work. The weather here in Melbourne is hot, so being in the studio is tempting as I have air-con to keep me sane.

To start the process I needed to sort out the many brochures and maps I brought home from the trip. I started this by sorting into a bag per country.  Already I feel less overwhelmed!

Next,  a visual diary. I decided that I would make one and try to make it a well organised and visually interesting diary rather than my usual mess. So i have stitched together pages of different types and sizes of paper so that I have different surfaces to work on and the size may help determine the piece.

The next thing I have done is to print up thumbnail prints of photos from each country, as I noticed when I looked at a country/city's photos all together that there were commonalities in the colours, patterns and textures, so I hope to capture these in my work as I start the creative process.

So now I have no excuse!! Just got to stop being distracted.... oh that short attention span.

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