Thursday, September 25, 2014


I have been in Tansen for nearly a week. It is a town perched on the side of a ring of hills. Apparently you ca see the high mountains from the peak behind the town, but sadly there has been heavy monsoonal cloud hanging over the mountains for the whole week.
I did catch a glimpse of the high Himalayas as we left Kathmandu and I live in hope that they will appear when I am in Pokhara and then on the trek I will be doing next weekend.

Tansen is a town where the weaving of the traditional Dhaka fabric used to create the Nepalese hats and other garments. I was able to visit where the weaving is done. The weavers sit in a dug out pit and the loom has weaving cards that determine the different coloured thread the shuttle sends through.
I have had a great time looking in the fabric and garment shops and have purchased a beautiful sari and shalwar chemise, as well as some of the traditional dhaka fabric.

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  1. Loving you framed in that window! How great to be able to see the weaving being done - it looks pretty amazing! Hope the clouds lift soon for you.